Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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Be! The qin dynasty was more rugged, replica designer belts and the man was tall and tall, but he could stand in front of the city of ningyi, but he was not good enough to be a good boy.

In the morning, I've been talking about the rules. Don't you listen when you're standing up?

You hear it? You can't help it, don't you? The corner of the corner of the mouth is slightly selected, ok! Do five hundred push-ups first, then run 30 laps, wait for you feel able to control oneself return to make up the content of the training!

Five hundred push-ups, thirty laps, replica designer belt and then you have to come back and fill in the training program? Upon hearing this, qin became more and more tearful! Instructor, do you have an obvious personal feud?

The next day, when qin the came to the training ground, no color, the whole people, two legs are chattering, a picture of the battered kannika nimtragol, let the guys had to sigh with emotion, military instructor, designer belts replica your means is too hard!

Ha ha! Wait for ning yi yuan to step on the military boots, people understand a truth, the instructor is not cruel, the instructor is abnormal!

The high temperature, which was still close to 40 degrees yesterday, today, the instructors are all in a thin cotton jacket, designer replica belts which is one of them.

But soon, you will understand, designer belts this fellow unexpectedly ecstasy to temporary warming apparatus into five degrees below zero, the entire pitch moment from heat jumping to winter, doesn't even have a transition period!

All the people were crying, and even the weather of their breath was so fast that they could still wear short sleeves. Can't you just let them change their clothes?

This isn't necessary, as if to see the students mind, designer belts eyebrows slightly a pick, unveiled today's training program, wait a minute, we are going to practice is winter swimming, wear what doesn't matter.

Now to go there, designer belts turn down a side that there's a makeshift locker room, in front of someone special distributing swimsuit, designer belt replica one swimsuit put, ten minutes time, offenders fined ring!

This cold day, wear a swimsuit to run the circle, not cold die also throw away the face, under the pressure of this words, the speed of the people is very fast, soon come out of the dressing room.

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