Sunday, August 6, 2017

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But the crux of the problem is that with the technology now, couldn't figure out the magic of energy value, it is hold the little self, zichen Bai Cai will recruit students in the third round of questions like this. Ink first listen, eyes open, Ferragamo Belt subconscious swallowing saliva.

My god! The magic plant here say also is the unit of ten thousand, this time, she can see to come over?

Chen bai also knew that he had a hard work, Ferragamo Belt and rubbed his hands together with some kind of apology. if it's too much trouble, forget it.

At the end of the scene, Ferragamo Belt Fake looked at the scene and shook his head.

His good friend was all good, just too focused on the implant, also not want to think, at the beginning of the ink this little girl just how big, dare to hand such an important task to her? Besides, have you ever seen a master who is so unassuming, and so humble to his own apprentice? This world, even cannot find a few!

It doesn't matter, at the beginning of ink was laughed and shook his head, white had the teacher always upholds the respectful attitude, so much magic plant, however, I at that time also look not to come over, or so, hope I can come over, such as elected, I will tell you, ok?

The federal military academy will last three days, Fake Ferragamo Belt and the beginning of the day can be used to help Chen find the magic he needs.

Yes, of course! At this, Chen bai immediately smiled. I'll put your genetic structure on the door in a minute, and then you can come in by yourself.

You believe in this girl? As he looked at the beginning of ink, he walked in with a touch of acid.

Isn't make mischief, he and she just white when friends for so many years, the guy didn't say his genetic structure set up on the door, 1 vigorously hide the laboratory with the baby, and now, just know a disciple, immediately release the to the person, give Ferragamo Belt to gas!

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