Saturday, August 5, 2017

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Qinge! Han Xuan suddenly, face a collapse, and touched his shoulder, cheap gucci belts and cried aloud, you can't tap slightly, I this person, however, is not a hard machines! Would you like this, no wonder can not find a girlfriend!

Federal is inherently less than men, women in the federal military academy, the gap is more obvious, it happened that the qin dynasty, the more of the five big three thick temper won't get a girl to love, it's not, so many years, or miserable xi xi alone!

When han xuan said this, he immediately knew it was wrong, replica gucci belts and immediately turned his face and asked for mercy. I was wrong, brother, was I wrong?

fake gucci belt gave him a stern look and said nothing.

Han xuan is crying now, he and qin get together for so many years, still can't understand this guy? When he returned, he could not avoid a beating, but the most hateful was the fact that the more he had done it, the more he had done it. That's right, we're all the one who gets cut, and we're all the one who gets the rub.

That... · · · qin the more turn over, rub hands, a face of embarrassed feeling, Designer Belt, elder brother can you please help a favor?

Designer Belt microleng, you say what matter, if can help I affirmation help.

Enn · · · the face of the wheat color of the qin has appeared a little red, the eyes are more erratic, this, we here prepare · · · ·

I've been talking for a long time, but I haven't made it clear what happened.

Aside Han Xuan is can't stand his this travel motivation, push all the qin the farther side directly, personally, Designer Belt, it is such a thing, how are you guys ready to open a small mecha expo, you can also sign up for?

This... · · · · · I just arrived in the school not long, Designer Belt didn't understand the meaning of this, frowns slightly wrinkly, the machine armour respect is not even to still cannot reach 'show' this level.

It's not important, Han Xuan doesn't matter with the wave, the Designer Belt blinked, don't display in second, the key is the girls can see a few eye, and then...... you know!

In the beginning of the inking, they understood the meaning of their trip.

In the end, the more and more the friends of qin, the majority of them were single. At the federal military academy, it is known that there are too many wolves. If you don't want to do something about it, you will probably still have to bite a little handkerchief and look at someone else.

This is a good way to show off their charisma and attract a lot of women. As for the desire to draw on the city, it is estimated that he also saw the name of the new school grass.

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