Sunday, December 10, 2017

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How did it start? Last year, I went to dalian to play, he took me as the place,Fake Hermes Belt and later I felt good, I went again, but there was no definite relationship. On the evening of December 31st, he said he didn't want to be single for years, so we both tweeted that we were in love. I asked him about his long-distance relationship. He said it was the right thing to do. Well, that's what made my decision. But if I were to watch what happened at the moment, I wanted to give myself a note: maybe I didn't know what I really wanted. I just want to get out of the state of being single and think it's a chance to get a better result.

This expectation is true, but it is lax in the grasp of long-distance love. Slowly, I can feel, in fact, I wasn't happy come back to work, need someone to chat, but he could not see my state, also feel my emotions, I told him that a not happy also won't let him aware of how, I also don't want to repeat day trivial thing, Hermes Belt Replica UK and then can oneself not happy. Even sometimes he will vent to me when I'm not happy. Two people can't be synchronized, without empathy, is the biggest obstacle of long-distance relationship. So then I'm also slowly avoiding something, like saying something that doesn't feel right and playing away, or at least that doesn't cause a row. So step by step, break up may be necessary. At least I wasn't too free when he texted me. But it's worth mentioning that there are two scales of separation, Replica Hermes Belt no one to stay, the plot is too deep.

Little coffee has just asked me: after two long-distance relationships, I will not give up the long-distance relationship altogether. My answer is yes. In contrast, I am now more nostalgic for my previous life, where two people live together, eat dinner, go for a walk, Hermes Belt Replica watch a movie, go to a colleague's party, and go to my parents' house for the Spring Festival. I still want to say: maybe I don't know what I really want. How perfect was my life then, and then I'd go out and find someone, and then I'd get Burberry Belt, and then I'd break up. But these are the memories of those three years. In fact, my predecessor has also made a huge shift after work, and I think life is not unstable when I enter the workplace. So we've been dating for three years now, and now we're supposed to be apart. But would it be possible to be happier if we were to go now?

I admit that I still have a complex, because I have experienced it, so I fantasize about the small life of two people. Without such a small life, it would make me firm. So I don't blame the little coffee. I even support him even more, because I made him come to Hermes Belt to experience the life here, which is the feeling that I don't like Beijing, but I can't live without it. And I don't want him as a person and endure reality, Cheap Hermes Belt UK and compared with the job I have now, maybe I prefer and support his work now, because before I give up when the teacher, now it is too late to regret, if possible I will earn enough money also can choose to when the teacher, so I hope he can stick to it. As he puts it, everything is the same except that it's not a couple.

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