Sunday, December 10, 2017

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On Sunday, I broke up with little coffee and I suddenly felt like it was a good thing. This is not a denial of past relationships, but rather the right to make timely decisions without delay when the future is vague. I've been listening to sun yanzi's album recently, Replica Burberry Belt and then I liked that one: remember that people are waiting for you.

Between I and small cafes seem to have some communication problems, distributing information about performance is our mood is different, the same word can not meet the desired effect, or making fun of me, he always feel boring, he didn't joke I always think keep out appearance. I started to put this problem down to the age gap, and I was four years older than he, so there was a lot of things that didn't have the same experience, like he didn't catch up with the Asian games. Four years and this is also an experience and think about four years ago when I just graduated work the same hard life, rent yourself fool food, from that time I also empathy. And is libra, I can know how he feels, what also don't want to say more, as long as not to irreparable mistake, I wouldn't stop, I this person is probably so, I think experience is part of growing up. But in fact, it's not like that, Fake Burberry Belt UK and slowly I found that these things shouldn't be handled by people who have the same personality. Just like the sign of the zodiac to the palace, there must be an individual point of view to get the earth up. And slowly I don't boil it down to age. I will find that everyone learns a lot from their past life, Replica Burberry Belts UK and even develops ways of living and communicating. If you're not in it, it's easy to find out that your boyfriend has traces of his predecessor and his family. Even if you don't know his family or exes, you'll find that those aren't part of the person.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of relationship I want. Maybe the last three years of love left me a deep impression, so I always want to have an even more than one. But that seems hard. Because I'm burdened with too much emotion and stress. Before I always thought that I can be very good to digest their emotions, until someone died, I stood in the hall didn't drop a tear, I just know all of my emotions have repressed into the unconscious. Then I was surprised to find that the emotions of infection, lovelorn, and work were all pressing down on my subconscious mind. I used to think about releasing it, but it's hard. The only time I remember crying was because I was getting drunk with my old colleague because I was changing jobs. That time I drank nearly two pounds of wine, the ex-boyfriend heard that I was drunk, Burberry Belt UK Replica and went across the city to my home to take care of my night. I fell in his arms and cried for a night. It was that night that I learned that I really liked him because he took care of me and didn't sleep a night because I was crying in front of him. Like this, I now know how much energy my subconscious has repressed and the past. So I don't know how to put myself into a relationship. It can be said that after the relationship, after the infection, I seldom have the feeling of love spark, the relationship is more like the life of old husband's wife.

Today, little coffee discussed with me: let's be friends. This can be said to be in my expectation. Like he said, I'm more like his brother. I did, too, because he was four years old and looked after him like a younger brother. Burberry Belt Replica And the key issue, where we agree, is that distance is the real barrier. Before he said he would come to see me, and I wanted him to come to Beijing specially during Hermes Belt New Year a few days to feel the life in Beijing - I am very sensible, because I know that not everyone will like Beijing - results also is such, he does not like living in Beijing. In other words, I can feel that he is becoming more and more interested in his current job, so he will be more inclined to stay in dalian. That's an unsolved problem. This problem has already appeared twice before, because I cannot leave Beijing, he cannot leave changsha; This time, I can't leave Beijing without him. It is a reality that we are all living in a state of our own. And to add more words, little coffee has just been working, Burberry Belt and he is more dependent on the actual state. So in the end, we're still having a long distance problem

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