Sunday, December 10, 2017

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In view of these suggestions and the problems encountered. I now want to temporarily change their own ideas, Replica Gucci Belt group this form or to be released later. Recommended stocks or made in Weibo. So I intend to refer to the recommended operation of friends can focus microblogging. But you also can not keep my Twitter and other news 24 hours, so if there is any recommendation, I will focus on the afternoon about 1 hour open time to send out, a friend only need these two time periods Take a look at it. If there is a recommended stock, I will by the way of donations who donated this charity is also written in the micro-blog, if you have money to make a friend according to their own ideas to donate some money in the past just fine, the ratio is not specified, do not too much , Because this is a product of a small number of ideas, Gucci Belt AAAA and everyone profitable stock or main purpose. If you have donations, remember to cut a picture microblogging circles I remember playing mosaic protection of their privacy. I will also remind the assignee to try to use such tools as Alipay to reduce the cost of bank transfer.Here, I think I made it clear what happened and what I finally thought. I hope this is a multi-stakeholder approach.

This time has been very busy, busy all kinds of mess things, too busy feeling no desire to escape but still have to stick with. Have to say that Hermes Belt has given me a strong reason for loyalty to employers, Fake Gucci Belt not afraid to change jobs, but sometimes feel that they can make do not bother to change, after all, is not what the pursuit of what the achievements of salary or something. Ghost know what I seek now!

I have a new boyfriend, before there is a mouth on the microblogging a mouthful of ridicule little coffee. Is also a Libra, Cheap Gucci Belt is a horse, belong to a very take. In fact, I told him no spark, not to mention what the impulse. Usually always ridicule each other, familiar with the future, I went to Dalian to play to let him out to do to accompany, and then met, also done. Feel good to continue chatting. At first, I did not intend to determine the relationship of love, until the last day of 2013, he said he did not want a person New Year's Eve, and then we are sure together. Long-distance relationship is a very laughable thing, I asked him how he faced the problem of long distance relationship, he told me: two people is the most important match, long distance relationship can be changed. So long distance relationship It did not become the ultimate obstacle. Now, I think I feel a little bit suitable for long distance relationship, because usually you can do your own thing, want to meet when it flew to Dalian or about a city to meet. There are alone and have a good idea, in addition to two people can not be tired together - to say that when we both meet tired, love and hate to waste time ah. Two people together is the most important thing is to accompany the two of us have experienced a long time of love, so this point also have feelings, perhaps not now the pursuit of heartbeat feeling, but also want to stay together for a long time. Ferragamo Belt it would be better if you occasionally jumped.

The most characteristic of love is cell phone power.Another recent theme of life is genital warts. I do not know how I got it. Little coffee, had been his ex-boyfriend infected with Ferragamo Belt-positive and genital warts, but I'm not infected with him, because time is not up. And I have only one wart body, inside the buttocks ditch, not perianal. Even I was suspicious of its contagious nature because there was a violent crackling movement, there was bound to be skin damage, and there was only one wart, not anywhere else. I always feel overly tangled because of bad reasons, so when I found out and confirmed myself as a genital warts, I decided to go to the hospital to make it off. I chose the altar, not only because of the reasons for Hermes Belt, but because the disease is not the same as the asking price of various hospitals, Gucci Belt Replica have to find a reliable doctor. I understand the situation, the treatment of genital warts asking price from hundreds to tens of thousands, although the severity of the disease is not the same, but the span is too far off. I heard that some doctors prescribe drugs, and some doctors do not completely cure them. Some doctors discriminate against people living with Ferragamo Belt. Therefore, in order to make themselves less guilty and less expensive, it is better to ask more and see a doctor more. It is worth it. I got Doctor Yan from Ditan Hospital. He looked at me and confirmed that he was condyloma acuminatum. Then he opened a prescription and took the medicine to come back for surgery. After waiting for less than one hour, the total cost did not exceed 500 dollars. After surgery, I finally can understand a lot of people say do not want to do the pain of 0, what is the most painful anesthetic, the real time to do with the microwave is not so painful. Another is the endoscopy when the anus, he did not even have lubricants, causing me an anal fissure is very serious. Anal fissure, along with surgical wound pain, runs through my entire life now. All of them are joke, just root can be removed. But I really do not know how to get the disease. Can only say that we immunity is low, Replica Gucci Belts we must be careful later.

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