Saturday, June 30, 2018

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Hermes Belt does not have a lover outside, nor does he find the habit of a young lady. The nanny has a direct interest relationship with him (working for your home). He is the most convenient sex resource for him. Just like a massage plus a bell, he only needs to add a little bit to the babysitter. Money, you can enjoy sexual services at home, naturally like this model.

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What do you want to do now? If the nanny is you looking for a housekeeping agency, you are the employer. If this happens, you can dismiss the nanny without your father consent. If the babysitter makes trouble, you let the intermediary coordinate. After all, she has violated ethics. After dismissing, if your dad has genuine feelings with her and wants to go to bed with her, let them go outside to solve it. You also have to arrange a reliable nanny or care worker (can better ask a male care worker), Hermes Belt and declare your principles in advance. Then you are in charge of the family property and prevent your dad from derailing while transferring property and violating your mother's interests.

If your dad has had a relationship with you because of a babysitter, and has consistently taught you to inflict harm on your mother, you can secretly install surveillance at home, master his evidence of cheating, and if necessary, let your mom sue for a divorce and leave your dad out. It's just that you have to weigh and have the ability to take care of your mother independently.