Thursday, October 25, 2018

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Sanitation workers' labor treatment and living environment have not received attention from relevant functional departments for a long time. For example, grass-roots units lower the quotation of municipal cleaning, Procter & Gamble Company hired sanitation workers to not sign contracts, do not buy insurance, poor working environment in municipal sanitation, and so on. No matter when and where, they rarely see the active participation of the labor department, like the summer of care. Student workers and other groups care about the rights and interests of sanitation workers. On the other hand, many departments, including the labor department and the sanitation department, will only visit on a May 1st Labor Day and on the eve of the Spring Festival. They will visit and visit the sanitation workers.

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r incidents involving humiliation by sanitation workers occur and are relayed through public opinion channels such as the news media and social networks, most of them will present a one-sided situation of condemnation of insulting sanitation workers and deep sympathy for the environmental sanitation workers involved. In recent years, some cities have also seen some merchants hanging out signs and are willing to continue providing water for the sanitation workers to provide a resting place. This is a welcome phenomenon. However, we must realize that the fundamental problems that have led to the unfavorable conditions of work and living conditions of environmental sanitation workers and extremely low social status have not been resolved. On the contrary, under the current situation where automation equipment for cleaning up garbage is gradually increasing, sanitation workers must retain their current positions. It's even more difficult.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Replica Butter Only by removing the caring for the sanitation workers, the sanitation worker's status can be truly equal or improved from the heart.

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