Monday, November 26, 2018

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Why do employees refuse to let it go and no one stands out or simply quits ? In addition to the large employment pressure and unwillingness to lose their jobs, the long-standing lack of democratic management of enterprises (especially private enterprises and private enterprises), and the fact that the boss has the final say is common, many companies do not even have trade union organizations, nor do they have employees. Speaking to the back office, the employees are only the vassals and minions of the company's boss. The employee rice bowl is in the hands of the company boss. The boss word can allow employees to roll home. In this context, the employees had no choice but to let the boss's various wonderful decisions be left unchecked. This shows from a side that we are far from the modern enterprise management model.

In the face of fans slap in the face and learn doggies to climb , the staff is very helpless, Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Core Black Red Core Black and people who eat melons can't stand it, but the law cannot help. Regulators can't be a shopkeeper. We expect employees' complaints and media exposure to let some corporate managers conscience find that ethical quality is improved and employees are actively respected. Perhaps there is some wishful thinking. At this time, the relevant departments should stand up and support the employees, awaken the awareness of rights protection of employees who have no right to speak for a long time, and let them raise their heads in front of a strong boss. They are emboldened to say no to the fan who insults dignity. At the same time, trade unions should also hard up and provide employees with a platform for dialogue and game with the capital.

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