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After two delays, Hermes Belt consumption tax finally rose to 10% in October. When introducing consumption tax, people of insight think this is the fairest kind of tax, namely who consumes who pays tax, without exception. But this kind of tax is affected the life of most people really, appear who advocate consumption tax to fall from office circumstance.

Fake Hermes Belt the prime minister to avoid a repeat, has postponed the increase of consumption tax, while Mr Abe’s government after the dragged on for four years will ultimately increase the consumption tax to 10% of the time, has announced the first three to five years of the nursery and free normal education to the university education free of charge policy, at the same time, the light and set the reduction rate, hope to improve as much as possible to ease consumption tax to national psychological impact.

Cheap Hermes Belt about 3 million people have benefited from the education fee reduction, which is obviously not a benefit for most people. While tax cuts benefit more people, they involve more procedures and waste social resources. So what is the point of raising consumption taxes?

The increase in consumption tax is actually a political task left to prime minister Abe by the then ruling Democratic Party in 2012. When he was an opposition lawmaker, yoshihiko noda, then prime minister, said that raising taxes on consumption was the stupidest, most pointless and economically damaging policy. But by the time he became prime minister, he had come up with the idea of raising consumption taxes, a policy the DPJ opposed. As a result, Replica Hermes Belt had traded his premiership with the Hermes Belt Replica UK in return for its commitment to higher consumption taxes.